Recycling of Ink Cartridges is the best option – Save Money

We take pleasure in introducing a unique printer cartridge Recycling Process for the first time in Sri Lanka as RE-NEW STATION. we would like to state that this is not just refilling of cartridges, where you would have had bitter experiences both in printers & print quality. Recycling is a process which uses state-of-the-art equipment through all the stages from emptying the cartridges, cleaning the nozzles, pressurized / vacuum filling & print test, thereby allowing for more successful recycling of cartridges.

As a result you could easily save 80% of your printing cost by recycling your used ink/toner cartridges in a professional way at our RE-NEW STATION, what’s more!! You will be responsible in saving the environment for our future generation as it consumes 4 gallons of fossils oil to manufacture a single cartridge and takes over 300 years to biodegrade. Remanufacture enables us to reuse the same cartridge multiple times and prevents wastage of natural resources and landfill, as a developing country Sri Lanka too saves by way of reduced foreign exchange spending.

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