ICT Solutions

Today’s rising overhead expenses drive organizations to find practical ways to reduce costs. Profit-conscious executives face the challenge of either reducing head count or reducing overhead expenses. Much of the time, either of these strategies can have a negative impaction productivity and morale. Every so often a strategy appears that can provide significant expense control or enhance productivity. One of the series is office printing.

Documents drive business processes. That’s why an average of 1-3% of a company’s annual revenues is consumed by document production. To make matters worse, this expense is growing. Office print usage grows at 11-20% per

Managed Print Service allows you to control these expenses you to sourcing them an agreement of your fleet of printers. In this type of usage-based model, you only pay for the prints you use. Best of all, no capital expenditures are required since the agreement is for the management of your existing fleet alternatively we can install and maintain printers / copiers with your monthly minimum print commitment.

PRINT RITE (PVT) LTD. can help you streamline management, minimize costs and maximize results. Our Managed Print Services can provide virtually everything you need to maintain a cost-effective, productivity-enhancing environment: hardware, software and supplies, training, maintenance and support, even workflow improvements.

Should you find our solutions will be suitable to your organization, we will be happy to discuss further