Photo Papers, Kodak & Full CoLor

About Kodak Photo Papers

Kodak is the official licensed manufacturer and supplier of Kodak Home & Office Inkjet Media. The printing A4 photo papers, come in glossy and sticker papers. It aims at medium-high grade domain and family consumers. The ink jet and laser printer papers are ideal for photo printing. And thus its labelled as high quality photo papers among customers in sri lanka. Compatible photo paper for Hp, canon, epson printer and suitable for frames with various paper rolls and size.

A4 Photo Paper | 4R Photo Paper` – Kodak

Photo Paper – A4 T-shirt transfers | Dark

A4 Photo Papers – Inkjet Papers 

Photo Papers – Inkjet 4R Paper


Photo Papers – inkjet A4 paper| RC Glossy 

 Starting At: LKR 5300

Starting At : LKR 1450

Starting At : LKR 1600

Starting At: LKR 3500

Photo Paper –  A4 Inkjet Matte

Photo Papers –  A4 premium sublimation paper 

Photo Paper – A4 T-shirt transfers | Light 

Photo Paper – Medical

 Starting At : LKR 2690

Starting At :LKR 2550

Starting At : LKR 3260

Starting At : LKR 1350

A4 photo papers

Photo Paper – A4 Presentation

glossy photo papers

Photo Paper – Glossy


sticker Photo papers

Photo Paper –  A4 sticker 

A3 Photo paper

Photo Papers – Color 


Starting At : LKR 2300

 Starting At : LKR 3275

photo papers Sri Lanka

Fantac Photo Papers


Fantac owns two brands, Full colour and Fantac for photo papers, applied in high-end and consumer market. We comprehend brand’s meaning, maintaining and expansion deeply. By constant development in the past decade, both brands are highly accredited with professional, high quality and stable reputation.

Meanwhile, we also got the title as only agent of Fantac photo paper in China and sale license of Kodak and AGFAPHOTO products in whole Asia. We are striving for wider and wider markets of these two universal brands based on Factac’s platform. 

photo papers

About Full Color Photo Paper

Fullcolors is aimed at both the high grade domain and family consumers, including all series of photo papers Sri lanka and unique products, which are the leader of the desktop inkjet printing media.

photo papers
photo papers

About Fantac 

Fantac is faced for IT/OA business area, providing the economic series including desktop and wide format products, good reputation has been found.

Photo Papers – Full Colors 

A4 Glossy Inkjet – Photo paper

4R Glossy Inkjet Photo Paper

Silky Inkjet 4R Photo Paper

Matte Coted Inkjet A4 Paper

LKR 3865

LKR 3865

LKR 3300

LKR 3800

High Glossy Inkjet A4 Photo Paper

Inkjet A4 Photo Paper

Glossy Inkjet A4 Photo Paper

Silky Inkjet A4 Photo Paper

LKR 1200

LKR 3230

LKR 2200

LKR 3230

Matte Coated Inkjet A4 Paper

Glossy A4 Photo Paper 

LKR 3800

LKR 3800 

Photo Papers - Fantac

A4 Glossy – Photo Paper

inkjet paper sri lanka

A4 Matte Inkjet Paper

4R – Photo Paper

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Fantac company

Fantac Culture Development Co. Ltd., a Japanese background company, was founded in the year 1994 in Nanjing.During the past years, the company has been devoting itself into R&D, market development and global trade of inkjet media. With advanced sales system and high efficiency selling channels, Fantac has created its own sales models and achieved remarkable results. “Fantac” and “Fullcolors” have become famous brands with very good reputation in the inkjet media in China. The competitive products of Fantac can be found all over the world. FANTAC also do sales promotion for others. FANTAC always help other companies to introduce their popular image products in photo channels, online & retails channel, stationery, OA and schools etc in the world.