Fluke Networks

Copper Certification and Testing

DSX CableAnalyzer™ Series Copper Cable Certifiers
CableIQ™ Qualification Tester
MicroScanner² Cable Verifier
IntelliTone™ Pro 200 LAN Toner, Tracer and Probe
Pro3000™ Tone and Probe Series
Pocket Toner®

Fiber Certification and Testing

OptiFiber® Pro OTDR
CertiFiber® Pro Optical Loss Test Set
MultiFiber™ Pro Optical Power Meter and Fiber Test Kits
SimpliFiber® Pro Optical Power Meter and Fiber Test Kits
Fiber QuickMap™
Fiber OneShot™ PRO
VisiFault™ Visual Fault Locator - Cable Continuity Tester

Fiber Inspection and Cleaning

FI-7000 FiberInspector™ Pro
FiberViewer™ Fiber Viewing Scope
FiberInspector™ Mini Fiber Inspection Scope
Fiber Optic Cleaning Kits

Punch Down and Termination Tools

D814™ Series Impact Tools
D914™ Series Impact Punchdown Tools
Modular Crimper
JackRapid™ Punchdown Tool

Telecom Testers

TS® 100 Cable Fault Finder
TS® 54 TDR Test Set
Electrical Contractor Telecom Kits